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Oh, what fun it is to play around with the slideshow-making capacities of QuickTime Pro and the music-compressing capacities of Adobe Audition! Not to mention what fun it is to play with the dog.

Self-portrait (with human)

Ella doesn't quite understand the concept of looking at the camera. Not that I'm complaining!

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Ella-tion 2007 12-Month Calendar
It took Laura and me a little longer than we had planned this year, but our 2007 12-month Ella calendar is finally available for purchase at the terribly reasonable price of $15.95, with shipping options as low as $1.91! Get yours today and have [info]ellapup hanging on your wall all year long!

We know this is what you've been looking forward to all winter.

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And how about a little action sequence?

Granted, it's a peculiar sort of action....

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It was co-o-o-old this morning at a quarter-of-six as I made my way to the office, first truly frigid morning of the season. Which means it's as good a time as any for some Ella pix!

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Three is a magic number

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I cannot forget to wish a happy birthday to [info]ellapup, who is three today.

That's 21 in dog years, so let's have a drink, Ella!

In this brief wintry clip, Ella demonstrates her rebounding technique:

Sign seen this morning above a residential trash receptacle on a Queens sidewalk:


Ella spars around a Japanese maple with her arch-nemesis Nyla for four and a half tranquil minutes, accompanied only by the soft, soothing sounds of news radio. Pure bliss-out:

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