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I'm not writing a lot of short fiction these days, owing mostly to work on novels and memoirs and such, but I'm delighted that John Klima has just bought a story called "Timesink" from me for a future, as yet undetermined issue of Electric Velocipede. This is my fourth story for EV—er, if you count that Perry Slaughter number as one of mine.

John will be responsible for making a couple other of my stories available this very year, when he brings out my chapbook An Alternate History of the 21st Century this summer. Four reprints plus two new stories, and from what I hear there may be some very, very cool artwork too. You'll have to stay tuned for more details on that.

Casting my rubber-stamp of an uncontested SFWA officers ballot early, I missed the opportunity to support the write-in campaigns of John Scalzi and Derryl Murphy. But if I had a time machine I surely would. I surely would.

Ahem, is there a candidate with a time machine?


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One element of my new site redesign I want to point is my bibliography page. Cross-indexed, cross-referenced, and fully interactive!

I continue to wonder why I didn't switch from hand-crafted HTML pages to Moveable Type years ago.

By the way, suggestions for bibliography interface improvement are very welcome.

ShunnCast #40

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Epidode #40 of "ShunnCast" is now available, in which Bill faces sentencing at the hands of a philosophical judge, while Joseph Smith faces martyrdom at the hands of an angry mob. Special cameo appearance by the guy who blows up planes!

See also [info]shunncast.

ShunnCast #39

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Epidode #39 of "ShunnCast" is now available, in which Bill faces a bail magistrate, finds himself compelled repeatedly to pantomime his strip search, and contemplates the deep philosophical question of whether or not God protects missionaries. Special "existential dread" episode!

See also [info]shunncast.

King of Zembla takes Jeff Ford, Rick Bowes and me to the Zemblan Literary Thunderdome.

Nebula final ballot

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As many other folks have pointed out, SFWA has released the final ballot for this year's Nebula Awards.

No surprise that [info]paulmelko and [info]mabfan and Jim Kelly and I all made it since there was no first round of voting in our category! But apparently the jury declined to add an additional work in our category, so the four of us now duke it out. I call dibs on rayguns!

ShunnCast #38

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Epidode #38 of "ShunnCast" is now available, in which Bill gets booked into Calgary's big downtown jail, encounters hardened criminals and guards, revises his opinion of both, and begins questioning some of his life's basic assumptions. Longest episode yet! (As if that's any reason for pride.)

See also [info]shunncast.

ShunnCast #37

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Epidode #37 of "ShunnCast" is now available, in which Bill, as threatened, pays tribute to late jazz great Michael Brecker. A special all-music edition!

See also [info]shunncast.

Locus recommendations

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Other folks round these here parts have pointed out that the Locus Recommended Reading List is online this year. Let me congratulate the folks I know more than glancingly whose work appears on the list, including Laird Barron, Beth Bernobich ([info]beth_bernobich), Rick Bowes, Toby Buckell, Alyx Dellamonica ([info]planetalyx), Cory Doctorow, Gardner Dozois, Jeff Ford ([info]14theditch), Daryl Gregory, Joe Haldeman, Alex Irvine, John Kessel, Justine Larbalestier, Ken Macleod, Jack McDevitt, Paul Melko ([info]paulmelko), Richard Parks ([info]ogre_san), Tim Pratt ([info]tim_pratt), Robert Reed, Karl Schroeder, Jack Skillingstead, Greg van Eekhout ([info]gregvaneekhout), and Scott Westerfeld!

"Inclination" made the list too. In fact, here's a bit of Rich Horton's year-end roundup of short fiction from the February Locus:

There were quite a few fine novellas—enough that I'm not sure I can reliably define a Hugo ballot. At the top are "Inclination," by William Shunn, about a young man from a strict religious enclave on a space station, and his encounter with the radically different wider world; and "A Billion Eves," by Robert Reed, concerning the ramifications of serial colonization of numerous alternate Earths, beginning with a sexually-repressed inventor kidnapping a sorority, but leading to a more ecological than gender-related point. Paul Melko's "The Walls of the Universe" is another look at traveling across parallel worlds, and about how character is affected by circumstances; and Brian Stableford's "The Plurality of Worlds," very weird stuff about an alternate Elizabeth era with space travel. Ysabeau S. Wilce returned to the story of Hardhands with the lovingly exotic "The Lineaments of Gratified Desire."
"Inclination" also makes Horton's list of the top ten works of all the year's short fiction.

Which reminds me—if you're a Locus subscriber, be sure to fill out the 2007 Locus Poll & Survey. And that reminds me, if you're an Asimov's subscriber, don't forget to fill out your 2006 Readers Award Ballot.

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