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We brought home a lot of great souvenirs from Japan, but I think the best are the two rubber drink coasters Laura lifted from a Mos Burger in Mitaka....

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#1 - Please tell me you went to the Ghibli Museum while you were in Mitaka! Awesome place, even for grown-ups.

#2 - The MOS Burgers my husband and I went to in Tokyo didn't give us coasters! Although we did get the #10 table flag all three times we ate at MOS Burger, at three different restaurants. We wondered if it's standard to give the #10 to all gaijin or something. :-)

#1. We did indeed go to the Ghibli Museum! That's the only reason we were in Mitaka.

#2. We only went to Mos Burger once, but I had two burgers! After trying one, I had to have another. I got the jalapeño burger for my second.

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